What We Work......

It is a dive into a radical and unmistakably worldwide medicinal services activity. The trust has likewise been clasping hands with national projects of consideration executed through different government and non-government offices. The Trust tries to enhance lives by supporting remarkable endeavors in the different parts of slum India, issues identified with wellbeing and solid way of life.

The establishment moves in the direction of enhancing the lives of the minimized networks of provincial zones. It upgrades the employment openings and gives significant data to help decrease the dangers for rustic networks. Catalyzing country individuals to assemble feasible networks and enhance their personal satisfaction. Creating and conveying a one of a kind model of available, moderate essential and auxiliary human services.

Access to essential social insurance, consciousness of fundamental cleanliness, and treatment of underprivileged patients ask consideration. The ZESS Foundation progresses human services by increasing existing social insurance framework.

Our Mission

To give youngsters an all encompassing training to their advancement.

To give youngsters a favorable domain which gives them opportunity to encourage imagination and interest.

To guarantee Education for all by giving free-of-cost medicinal instruction to underprivileged youngsters.

To help youngsters in picking the correct vocation way for them and give opportunity and direction to the equivalent.

To enable country ladies to learn professional abilities.

To help ladies in achieving budgetary freedom.

To make relicable models for the nation.

Our Vision

creamination of lawaris bodied

To give eye and dental checkup free for cost

To give help to heart medical procedures.

To help different Organizations by providing skill development in candle chocolate/soap courses etc.

To give grants to poor under sudies laborious students

To Provide Lunger Sewa before medical clinics where bunches of individuals are trusting that their friends and family will recuperate.

To give Power yoga classes to make the people healthy.

Cremtion of unclaimed bodies.

Women Empowerment
To give strength to mental retarted people